Glass Fibre

GRP roofing products in Cambridgeshire.

At Planet E Supplies, you can get a wide variety of GRP products that make the installation of fibreglass roofing simpler. From roofing resin to paddle rollers, we stock it all.

Glass reinforced polyester roofing supplies:

  • GRP Roofing resin.
  • GRP Roofing Topcoat.
  • Summer and winter catalyst
  • Lambswool and paddle rollers
  • By the meter chopped strand matting 450/650grms.
  • Slate granules
  • Catalyst Dispensers.
  • Acetone.
  • GRP Roofing Trims. 

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Roofing resin and topcoat

Our roofing resin and roofing topcoats are available in 10kg and 20kg. These will help you apply fibreglass roofing and ensure that it stays well protected.
Call us today or take a look at our online store to get special offers and to find out more about our range of GRP roofing products.
Roofing topcoat

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