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Roof coatings and adhesive solutions in Peterborough.

Want to ensure that you've got long lasting protection for your property? Planet E Supplies can help with our range of roof coatings and bonding solutions.

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  • Kegged Bitumen
  • Bonding compounds
  • Felt adhesive
  • Self adhesive Bitumen primer
  • Liquid applied roofing system
  • Aquashield Roofing Compound
  • All Weather Roofing Compound
  • Gritting solutions
  • Liquid Repair Systems

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Cold gritting solutions

Cold gritting solution is a solvent based, cold applied bituminous adhesive for bonding chippings to flat or low pitched roofs. It provides a final solar reflective, weather proof and damage resistant surface. Chippings that are compatible with the cold gritting solution include: limestone and granite. The coverage will depend upon the size of the chippings to be bonded.

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